What Then Must We Do?

In Case You're Not Scared Enough...

October 29, 2021
What Then Must We Do?
In Case You're Not Scared Enough...
Show Notes

UPDATE: A seismologist has replied on my Twitter thread about this episode, and you can see her comments here.  (As I mention in the episode, I had written to four different seismologists before speaking with Brent, asking for their take on what he has to say, but had not received a response from any of them.) I'm guessing there will be some back and forth here for a few days at least, and I'll post my thoughts after that has run its course.


You may have seen "Canadian Earthquake Researcher" on Twitter, posting about the unusual tectonic "blocking" he is seeing, and what he thinks it means: A massive seismic disruption that will shake the entire world in a way humans have never seen before.

But he's just a guy on Twitter, right? He's not even a seismologist, right?

Right. But he also has a string of eerily accurate predications spanning the past couple of years.

Join me as I speak with Brent Dmitruk, AKA Canadian Earthquake Researcher. You can also find his videos on YouTube, here.

Brent's website is here, and you can see his list of predictions here.

The USGS earthquake monitoring site is here, EMSC is here, and Tertremo is here.

And here is the article about the Japanese research that Brent mentions.

"Dutchsinse", who he mentions in the interview, is on Twitter here.